Residents at Biggs-Gridley Hospital Receive Gifts

Dec 22, 2008 8:27 PM

Christmas came a little early for residents at the Biggs-Gridley Hospital skilled nursing unit, with a special visit from Santa Claus.

Courtesy of Kelly Services employees, today residents were treated to gifts hand-delivered by Santa Claus himself.

Santa visits the hospital every year, but thanks to the generosity of Kelly Services, Christmas was much warmer with the new socks, sweatshirts, blankets and other cozy gifts.

District Manager of Kelly Services Jan Oâ??Brien says, â??It's heartfelt, and hard to put into words because you see their faces and you see the emotion and many of these people don't have anyone, it just encompasses your whole body and gives you a great feeling.â?쳌

One resident, Doris could hardly contain her excitement saying, â??Santa gave them to me, how about that! I didn't even know he knew my name!"

Kelly Services hopes to raise awareness about the importance of the Biggs-Gridley Hospital in the community.

They're encouraging others to donate what they can to keep the hospital and its specialized services in place.


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