Residents alert after burglary in Redding neighborhood

Aug 24, 2014 8:30 PM by Charlene Cheng

The area known as Sunset Terrace in Redding is generally a safe neighborhood, but thefts seem to be occurring at an alarmingly high rate.

"We are located between 299 and the river and so we get crime from an indigent population that can be desperate at times, as well as crimes of convenience with the criminals passing up and down 299," said Lewis Chamberlain, who lives in the area.

The latest break-in happened on Saturday morning.

Redding police officers apprehended two men while they were in the act of burglarizing a residence on Royal Oaks Drive.

According to police reports, one of the suspects, 31-year-old Dale Allen Pierce Jr., has been arrested ten times since the beginning of the year.

"It seems like they're out of jail just as fast as the police can file a report, so that's concerning above anything else, and I know that is a concern for our neighborhood," Chamberlain said.

He has lived there with his family for the last decade.

After being victimized a handful of times, he decided to install a surveillance system to protect his home.

"We've caught at least one or two home break-ins in the neighborhood. We've been able to identify vehicles and things like that as they pass by our house. Our house is uniquely located to be kind in the center of things, so if something happens, there's a good chance we caught it," Chamberlain said.

He and his wife are also active in several neighborhood watch groups on Facebook, which residents use as a way to keep tabs on strangers.

"We probably have a situation monthly where there's just suspicious people doing different things. We just want to keep track and watch out for each other," he said.


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