Rescued puppy reveals bigger problems

Mar 5, 2014 6:46 PM

Meet Lucky: a two-month old Jack Russell Terrier who is very appropriately named.

On Saturday afternoon in Corning, this puppy fell down an abandoned well. Stuck in an old rusty pipe about 30-feet below the ground, Lucky's owners called CAL-FIRE. That's when fire engineer Scott Lohse sprang into action and lowered a rope to lucky.

“He was able to move enough to get the loop around his entire body,” Lohse said. “We pulled the rope up and were able to grab his neck and his front foot.

“He didn’t have a scratch on him.”

While Lucky escaped virtually injury free, crews later found a bigger abandoned well which they say can do a lot more damage.

Tehama County Environmental Health director Tim Potanovic said abandoned wells are useless, illegal and are very dangerous to life and ground water.

“Every once in a while we do find something like this and were always happy to find it so we can have it properly destroyed,” he said.

To contact Tehama County Environmental Health call (530) 527-8020.


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