Reporting Water Wasters

Aug 8, 2014 6:36 PM by Joe Moeller

You may be wasting water and not even know it. We went to Cal Water to find out what the process is when someone is reported for sending water down the drain.

"If you are not comfortable reaching out to your neighbor and bringing something to their attention you can give us a call and we have people here that will respond." Says Cal Water Acting Assistant District Manager Rosanna Marino. "They will go out and speak with the neighbor or leave a door hanger if they are not in."

Marino says they are seeing more reports.

"Recently that we have tracked at least two dozen calls that we have responded to."

She tells us it is important to call. People may not know if they are wasting water.

"Occasionally you can find that a sprinkler has malfunctioned and they are running for far too long. you will see over spray on a sidewalk, or gutter flooders is what we refer to them here."

We also called the city. The Public Utilities Department has had an increase in calls as well. They will also respond to calls. Both departments say it is important to call, especially with the drought.

"People aren't always aware that there is a problem. So if we can assist them with knowing there is a problem or how to fix a problem then we want." Says Marino.


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