Renovations to Oroville's Chinese Temple

Dec 15, 2011 7:42 PM

The city of Oroville has begun renovation work on two well-known structures in the heart of the city. For the remainder of the month, two facilities in Oroville may look like this.. as the Chinese Temple and Municipal Auditorium undergo over due renovations. Oroville Vice Mayor Thil Wilcox says, "We're trying to do everything we can to preserve the artifacts and therefore the buildings that the artifacts are in, are very important."

The two buildings are the first renovation projects in a new Oroville expansion and improvement program created to combine government and private funding sources to the city's building fund. One of the projects on the list.. fixing the roof of the historic Chinese Temple. Oroville Building Official Craig Griesbach says, "It has more longevity compared to most flat roofs.. While also providing better energy efficiency for the buildings and also reducing heat exposure for the artifacts inside."

Oroville's Chinese Temple, located on Broderick Street, is one of the oldest historic buildings in the city. Built in the mid 1800's as a place of worship.. Now it's a museum visited by more than 4,000 people a year. The temple is filled with tapestries and artifacts that officials say are one of a kind. "Most of the artifacts at this Chinese temple complex are not available anywhere else in the world," says Wilcox.

Both building renovations are a part of the $52-million expansion and improvement program. And when these are complete, city leaders say all the work will be well worth it, as these buildings continue to serve the Oroville community. Griesbach says, "The artifacts in here are very important for the city, the state, and really in the larger scheme.. the world." Wilcox says, "If we don't do out do-diligence as custodians of these artifacts, then they're just not going to be available for future generations."

Renovations on these two buildings are scheduled to be completed by the end of the month. Both facilities are still open and available to the public throughout the construction process.


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