Remembering Stephen Allard

Jan 16, 2013 10:17 PM

The commercial building was packed on Saturday at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico as hundreds gathered to remember fallen sprint car driver Stephen Allard.

Allard passed away on Christmas Eve. He was just 40 years old.

Today, friends and family attended a celebration of his life.

During his time as a racer, Allard won a pair of track titles at the Silver Dollar Speedway,
the first came in 1996, and the second one came eleven years later in 2007.

Friends and family say Allard will be greatly missed.

"Stephen was my brother, he was like a brother to me, he was my driver, my best friend, he was everything to me. He would always make everyone laugh. Being a veteran racer, he was always one of the first guys to go over and help out the younger guys, he's just a great person," said Lee Lindgren.

"Honestly, any time I saw him, he had a smile on his face. He pulled pranks on ya, he would always reinforce how he felt about you, he'd tell you thanks and you did a good job and I appreciate you. Very caring guy, I'll remember a lot of things about him. I'll make sure we pay good tribute to him this year at the Speedway," said Troy Hennig.

Allard is survived by his wife and daughter.

He was the fourth former silver dollar sprint car driver to die in 2012, along with David Tarter, Tyler Wolf and Wayne Sue.


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