Remembering 7 year-old Christian

Sep 3, 2014 12:48 AM by Jason Atcho

Yesenia Gonzales says her 7 year-old son Christian and his 12 year-old brother were walking to Williams Elementary School this morning as usual when she got the bad news. "He was walking to school and him and my other son were crossing at the crosswalk when all of the sudden my son said the car just came out of nowhere really fast and hit him and dragged him quite a ways."

Police say the driver was blinded by the sun and hit the boys. Christian was airlifted to U.C. Davis where he died. His brother suffered minor injuries but is expected to be okay. Gonzales says she remembers Christian leaving this morning. "I did hear him opening the sliding door to go check on the baby chicks and make sure they didn't get out because we were running around yesterday looking for them. And that's all. I just heard him opening the sliding door and the next thing I know he was gone."

Christian's family says he was a kid who loved school and brought joy to their lives. "He loved sports. He loved baseball. He was just very happy all the time. Always had a smile on his face. Always. Never once did he not have a smile on his face," said Gonzales.

She also wanted to send a message to all the parents listening. "Tell them you love them because you never know when they'll be gone. Kiss them every morning and say I love you. I didn't get to do that today."

Gonzales says many people she doesn't even know have come by to pay their respects and dropped things off at the house. If you'd like to help the family, a memorial fund was opened for Christian at the U.S. bank in Williams.


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