Religious Road Signs Torn Down

Apr 11, 2012 6:52 PM

A Magalia man's religious signs are bringing controversy to Paradise. And just one day after our story aired, one of his roadside signs was torn down.

This sign, that lined the Skyway between Paradise and Magalia, is one of two that Stankis owns. Both have a Christian based message on them. One promotes teaching the ten commandments in the sixth grade. The other, which was torn down, calls for the reinstatement of the pledge of allegiance with the words, "one nation, (and school district PUSD) under God."

Stankis says he's been fighting for nearly a decade now, to bring religion and country pride back into public schools. He says he uses these signs to bring awareness to the public about these issues, and having them vandalized is violating his first amendment rights.

Glenn Stankis, Magalia Resident says, "There are many signs that I don't want to watch just because I'm not interested in the subject matter, but I'm not going to go over and vandalize their sign.. Just drive by and let it be."

Both signs have been up for more than a year. Stankis says, because this is the fourth time this particular sign has been vandalized, he's debating whether to put it back up. But he says, this won't stop him from continuing to spread his message.


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