Redding Woman Who Shot and Killed Intruder Speaks Out...

Oct 22, 2011 8:42 PM

A Redding woman who shot and killed an intruder is speaking out about the ordeal. We are learning more about the incident from the victim herself. The 66-year-old was on the CBS Early Show Saturday morning.

Police say Donna Hopper was awakened around four yesterday morning, as 37-year-old Jesse Edward Theis of Redding was trying to break into her home on Branstetter Lane. She fired two warning shots and called 9-1-1.. That scared off Theis.. But it didn't keep him away for good. "All of a sudden he put his knee on the window sill and tried to climb through the window. And I just pulled the trigger again. I looked for a white shirt. I was afraid to look at his face and then I just shot the white shirt," Hopper says.

Hopper's final shot killed him. According to jail records, Theis was arrested Thursday in another matter, for trespassing, and later released from the Shasta County Jail. Hopper says this was the most traumatic experience of her life.. "My dispatcher she says, Donna take a breath. That's all I remember her telling me all night long is Donna take a breath. I thought I was screaming on the telephone.. And they said no you weren't.. But in my ears I'm screaming."

Just prior to Friday's shooting, a man matching Theis' description took off running after being confronted by a security guard at a nearby car dealership.

Investigators say the shooting appears to be justified.


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