Redding Woman Speaks About Being Injured in Boston Blast

Apr 16, 2013 7:45 PM

A hospice nurse from Mercy Medical Center in Redding is among those injured in yesterday's blast. Marilyn Kight had just watched her daughter cross the finish line when she was struck in the leg with shrapnel.

Marilyn says she is doing well physically, but she is still traumatized by the incident.

Details of exactly how events played out are still fuzzy for Marilyn Kight.

“I don’t know what came first, the blast or I knew I had been hit, probably both… but there were bodies already on the ground… my hearing had gone because of the blast,” said Kight on the phone Tuesday afternoon.

She didn't have pain, but she knew she had been struck by shrapnel. Marilyn's medical background told her she was at risk of losing a lot of blood from the laceration on her leg.

“And we have a big artery back there and so I had the presence of mind of grabbing a cloth and holding pressure on it,” said Kight.

She searched for her son-in-law, he was OK. But her ex-husband was injured.

“You know, emergency medical volunteers, people were on the ground tending to people. They got me to the ground, they got frank to the ground. And things move so fast,” said Kight.

Paramedics quickly rushed Marilyn to Brigham and Women's Hospital where she underwent surgery for her wounds. After being discharged Tuesday, her concern now is for the other victims.

“My wounds were nothing compared to what other peoples wounds were. I am pretty sure I was close to where the little boy was killed... and it was really just a horrific thing,” said Kight.

Luckily, all of Marilyn’s family who attended the race made it out with their lives.

Marilyn says she's not going to let this taint her view of Boston.

“It’s a very gentle city and I know the officers and the detectives that interviewed me kept apologizing for what had happened. But people are resilient.

One more thing that added to the confusion yesterday for Marilyn’s family, the hospital she was in was locked down, so loved ones couldn't access her for 24 hours.


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