Redding woman raising money to send the homeless home

Jun 30, 2015 2:51 PM by News Staff

A Redding woman who is fed up with the homeless has decided to take matters into her own hands. Her solution; a GoFundMe account that will buy transients one-way bus tickets out of Redding.

Cyndel Quintana launched the account less than two weeks ago, and hopes to raise $1,000 by August 1. She's already almost halfway there.

Quintana says she wants to give people who are down on their luck a fresh start. "There's an immediate need because people end up stranded here." She says $1,000 would buy tickets for 25-30 transients.

The plan is to buy homeless people a ticket to the destination of their choice, a concept similar to The Journey Home Project operated by the Good News Rescue Mission.

The Journey Home Project has reunited 62 people with their families since it kicked off roughly six months ago, but Quintana says her plan makes it easier for the homeless to leave Redding.

The Good News Rescue Mission has a strict set of rules for their program, there must be a support structure at their destination, and they have to be sober.

Quintana says her rules are not so strict. Any transient with ID and an active EBT card is eligible for a ticket home. She also said that to avoid getting scammed, all transients will be supervised from when they receive a ticket until they get on the bus.

The first bus ride out of Redding funded by Quintana's efforts is set for July 1 and a second trip will be July 3, while the Good News Rescue Mission has three transients set to depart in July.

You can see the GoFundMe page here.

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