Redding Woman Killed by Falling Tree Identified

Dec 31, 2014 4:33 PM

We now know the name of the Redding woman killed early this morning when a tree came crashing into her home. She has been identified as 29 year-old Teresa Sanchez Serrano. At 2:15 this morning, a pine tree fell onto her home on Wyatt Lane. Sanchez Serrano, her husband and their toddler were inside. Sanchez Serrano suffered traumatic injuries. The father and child were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Because the structural integrity of house was compromised by the tree, Redding firefighters were not able to reach Sanchez Serrano until after 5 am. This was the third tree-related fatality in a 24-hour span. Yesterday morning, two Paradise residents were killed by falling trees. Margie Johnson, age 79 was killed while driving on Elliot road when a tree fell onto her car. 29 year-old Christian Struve was killed while sleeping when a tree from a neighbor's property fell onto the converted shed he was living in, on Lofty Lane.


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