Redding seventh grader hit by car while using crosswalk to get to school

Sep 16, 2014 8:25 PM

A 12-year old boy was struck by a car this morning in Redding, and he wasn't jay walking.
Police say Mistletoe Lane is a problem area for pedestrians -- it's so bad, Mistletoe Elementary received a grant to add two crosswalks by the school, which unfortunately didn't help in this morning's incident.

"The complaints we have been receiving for the last couple of years have been from residents and parents."

Those complaints mainly about cars blowing through school zones and pedestrian crosswalks -- but today's incident was obstructed driving.

Redding police say 41-year old Kathleen Horgan was driving along Mistletoe Lane earlier this morning and struck 12-year old Fiqir Workneh, a seventh-grader at Mistletoe Elementary.

Horgan told police the sun was in her eyes and couldn't see what was in front of her, until she hit the student.

Just a few weeks ago, a seven-year old boy in Colusa County was fatally struck by a car on his way to school.
The driver also claimed the sun was in their eyes.

"That could have been a factor...if the sun is in your eyes and you can't see what's in front should stop immediately."

Witnesses say the student was thrown about ten feet when Horgan's car finally came to a stop.

She was cited for unsafe driving and let go.

Officer Moore says a few years ago, Mistletoe Elementary received a grant to curb the speeding problem.

"While problem is not completely's been made better by the island..crosswalks..lights..."

But for Aliem Chao who lives across the street and walks his grand daughters from the school, it's not enough.

"Most of the time I have to don't stop for me."

This father became worried when he heard about the accident -- he's now hesitant to send his six-year old son Elijah to school alone.

"If we're tight for time, I'll have him walk to school alone...probably won't be doing that anymore."

The 12-year old student was taken to the hospital briefly for some complaints of pain -- he's expected to be O.K.

The superintendent of the Enterprise Elementary School District tells Action News there's not much more they can do at this point in terms of safety, except try to get more officers to enforce traffic laws in the area.
Mistletoe Elementary only enforces school patrol in the afternoon -- not in the morning.


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