Redding's Kenneth Fudge: The bat flip heard around the world

Mar 2, 2016 10:09 PM by Ross Field

It's the bat flip that's spreading all over the web. Redding's Kenneth Fudge, who plays for Texas A&M-Texarkana, launched a game-winning grand-slam and responded with what's being hailed as the bat flip of the year. Action News Now's Ross Field spoke with the senior about his newfound internet fame.

It's the hit and bat flip that's vaulted Kenneth Fudge into the realm of viral video stardom.

"I was looking for an inside pitch and he gave it to me and I didn't miss it, I still can't believe it," said Fudge.

The college baseball player for Texas A&M-Texarkana crushes a walk-off grand-slam against Jarvis Christian, and ends it with one of the most epic bat flips you'll ever see.

It's reminiscent of Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista's bat flip in game five of the ALDS last year.

"Right after the game my coach was like 'dude dude you got to look at this, you got to look at this,'" said Fudge.

The video has made the rounds.

"ESPN, CBS Sports, MLB Network - that was the big one," said Fudge.

Giving him attention he did not expect.

"I didn't really ever think about how many people would see it and how crazy it all was," said Fudge.

Kenneth grew up in Redding and played for Shasta College and Foothill High School, so we had to ask his former coach Todd Buck about the celebratory bat flip.

"When I first saw it I thought 'oh no was there a fight afterwards.' We don't teach that around here, but knowing Kenneth and knowing his personality I'm sure it was all in his celebration," said Buck. "It was great to see one of our local hometown boys getting national news."

"It depends on the situation, if it's a big situation go ahead and flip your bat," Fudge added. "I knew I tossed it over to our side of the dugout, but I didn't know that I had flipped it that high until I actually saw the video. I never planned that."

The walk-off grand-slam coupled with the bat flip followed a monster game from Fudge who went 3-4 with three HR and 7 RBI's.

Coach Buck says for now Kenneth should enjoy the fame.

"We're real proud to see him still playing baseball and living his dream," said Buck.

"It's pretty amazing, I'm not going to lie, all this has been pretty cool," said Fudge.


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