Redding Rodeo Week Kicks off Today

May 11, 2015 9:06 AM

Redding Rodeo week kicks off starting today.
And It all leads up to the 67th Annual Redding Rodeo.

But first, the "Lone Strangers" have vowed to rob a bank this morning.

We have received clues to help identify the strangers and find the loot.
Today's clue for the strangers is, "the bandits used a hatchet type shovel to escape the jail, the asphalt cowboys shots holes in their jeans to no avail."
And the clue to find the loot is, "a paper tree for the loot, crossing the river is a hoot."

To identify the lone strangers call 530-223-1188.
And if you find the loot, turn it in at the Redding Chamber of Commerce.


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