Redding Rodeo: Lone Strangers make off with the loot

May 12, 2014 4:43 PM

In Redding this morning 30 trigger-quick asphalt cowboys and the CHP couldn’t stop the Lone Strangers from making off with a boot full of loot.

Despite their best efforts, two suspects were able to make off with the loot from the Tri-Counties bank on Hilltop Drive.

It was all in good fun, of course, the robbery is an annual kick off to Redding Rodeo Week.

Now the cowboys are asking for the public’s help catching and identifying the robbers.

Here are the clues:

The Lone Stranger Clue: The strangers used a boot to steal the loot… But the trigger quick, Asphalt Cowboys can’t be topped when they play cop, you can’t stop a power drop!

The Loot Clue: It’s like where you find oranges but oranges don’t rhyme, you are now eligible to move and that rhymes with stove, Take your time.


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