Redding Rodeo kicks off with Lone Strangers bank robbery

May 16, 2016 12:02 PM by News Staff

The Lone Strangers are at it again in Redding Monday morning.

The Lone Strangers robbery and eventual capture kicks off the 68th annual Redding Rodeo taking place this week.

The robbers entered the bank and took the stash. If you catch them, win some cash.

But they left behind some tips to reveal their location, find them and maybe you can take a vacation.

The bandits sent us some clues to help identify the strangers and find the loot.

Today’s clues revealing the Lone Strangers is:

“Precious Cargo the arriving Lone Strangers were frank – with grace...The red faced Cowboys could not match the roaring wheel chairs pace.”

And the clue to find the loot is:

“The Lone Strangers hid the loot and said ‘you can't catch us or the loot to boot’”

To take a guess at who the Lone Strangers are, call 223-1188. If you find the loot, return it to the Chamber of Commerce.

Find out more about the rodeo here.


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