Redding residents speak out against cellphone tower

Mar 16, 2015 7:39 PM by Charlene Cheng

A neighborhood crime watch sign guards the Rowleys' home in Redding, but recently, they've been dealing with a threat that not even a vigilant group can deter.

"There's a flag that shows where the cell tower is proposed to be built. I live 200 to 300 feet away," Warren Rowley said.

He's one of the residents who spoke out at a recent Planning Commission meeting.

Despite concerned voiced by neighbors, the commission approved an 80-foot-tall Verizon cellphone tower at Riverview Golf & Country Club.

"We'll be sleeping with a cell tower. We don't know about the noise. We don't know what it does," said Warren's wife, Judy Ann.

The unknown factors are just the tip of the iceberg.

"There's visual for some of my neighbors. There's a health issue that a lot of people are concerned about," Warren said.

He adds that he's not so worried about the risks, but that doesn't mean that potential future residents won't be.

"The perception in a lot of people's minds is that there's a possible health issue. Whether real or imagined, the concern, the fear, is there," Warren said.

Greg Dodds has lived down the street for almost 20 years. Speaking as a retired realtor, he agrees.

"?A cell tower in one's nice neighborhood would be a deterrent to a lot of buyers," Dodd said.

Planning Commission Chairman John Ryan says he voted in favor of the project because only four people spoke against it, and because the FCC doesn't allow agencies to consider potential health impacts as a reason to deny the permit.


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