Redding residents rally against heroin, ask city officials to take action

Oct 7, 2015 12:37 PM by News Staff

A rally was held in Redding Tuesday night, to bring awareness to the effects heroin use can have on a community.

Heroin use in Shasta County is a major problem, and police say that in the last five years the city has gone from having a meth problem to a heroin problem.

Shasta County has limited resources to help drug users combat addiction, and none of these resources include mental health services.

Studies show there is a relationship between mental health issues and drug addiction, and the National Institute for Drug Abuse ranks heroin second on a list of drugs that contribute to homelessness.

Tuesday’s rally, organized by the group Take Back Redding, was designed to pressure city officials into creating a plan that gets drug addicts the help they need.


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