Redding recognized as one of 'easiest cities to find a job'

Jan 27, 2015 6:16 PM by Charlene Cheng

Redding is known for its sunny days, miles of river-front walking trails, and now, for being job seeker-friendly?

"I haven't had any problems finding a job. It's getting the job that I want is harder," Joe Torculas said.

"They're low paying, hard to find. A lot of the workers don't work that well together. I think it's just the town we're in," Travis Matajcich said.

At least, that's what one website is claiming.

ZipRecruiter, an aggregate for job postings, compiled a list of the top ten easiest cities to find a job.

Redding came in at number seven, with the note that "healthcare and government employment have combined to create one job for every 1.4 job seekers."

To get a better idea of how valid this ranking is, we paid a visit to an expert in the field.

The Smart Business Resource Center helps connect employers with job seekers.

"I'll take any list that we can be on, for one. Any positive list, I think is important, compared to the other lists that you can see Redding be on," Joseph Bowers said.

But still, Bowers, who works at the Smart Center, questions how exactly the list was made.

"Basically they went down and they said how many jobs that they post, and how many responses they get. And the cities that get the least responses per job made the list. They said these are the cities with the least amount of people looking for jobs," he said.

In this case, unemployment statistics might be a better snapshot of Redding's job market.

"So you have Shasta here. We are ranked 32 out of 58 counties with 8.1% employment. It's not low compared to the national average, but it's pretty low compared to what we've seen. I feel like Redding is on the right track, and Shasta County in general," Bowers said.

If you would like to see the rest of the list, you can check out ZipRecruiter's blog post here.


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