Redding ranked second to worst for 'well-being'

Mar 26, 2014 7:47 PM

While Redding normally gets plenty of sunshine, a new survey says the people there are pretty gloomy.

"I don't believe it."

You better believe it, Mr. mayor.

A health services company out of Tennessee by the name of 'Gallup and Healthways' surveyed people around the country about their well-being; Redding came in second to last out of 189 cities.

"You have a health company...saying we are beneath Stockton, and Fresno?"

The survey examined well-being based on job satisfaction, emotional and physical health and access to food, just to name a few.

"We really are a melting pot."

Doctor Wooley, a Clinical Psychologist in Redding, says there may be some truth to the findings in the survey.

"Lower education does correlate with less job satisfaction."

She also says Redding is a smaller town, and people might find it harder to fit in.

"Redding is an isolated community."

The Department of Numbers shows Redding is below average when it comes to annual income, unemployment and crime.

"AB 109 is dumping felons onto our streets, every month."

According to Healthways, about 500 people in Redding were interviewed for the survey -- that's out of nearly 100,000 people total.

"I want to see these 500 line up here."

I lined up my own sample at Mt. Shasta Mall, and the answers I got seem to prove the survey wrong.

"I'm very happy, I love it here."

"I am happy, it's a wonderful place to be."

"I am incredibly happy in Redding, it's such a nice place to be."

But for those who are feeling sad or down, here's some free advice from a shrink:

"Just take a walk down the river really does make you feel better."

Mayor Bossetti says he's working with the city to get more small businesses running, in hopes of dropping the unemployment rate.


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