Redding postal workers protest scheduled cuts

Nov 14, 2014 9:17 PM

Postal workers around the country took to the streets today, protesting the scheduled closure of 82 postal processing centers.
They are protesting a plan by the U.S. Postal Service to eliminate overnight delivery, and cut thousands of workers' jobs.
In Redding, the "National Day of Action" brought out a dozen protesters who had a loud message.

Their message is loud and clear: stop delaying America's mail.

"We are here to save the people's post office."

Effective in January 2015, there will be no more overnight delivery and phase two of shutting down processing centers will go into effect.
Here in Redding, that means 50 postal workers will be scrambling to relocate for another job.

"I absolutely love my job."

Dessie Ramirez is a 13-year veteran of the Redding Post Office who moved to the North State to be closer to her grandchildren.

"They're gonna move me out of the area, and I'm not willing to quit. I have to move away from my grandkids, I'm not happy about that."

Under the plan, all mail would be processed in West Sacramento, creating up to a one-week delay for the entire North State.

"About four million peoplewill be without overnight mail service."

That includes disabled Vietnam veteran Russ Lazuka, who relies on the postal service to get his medicine.

"It's another slap in the face from the government."

Today's protest received a heap of support from onlookers.
Redding local Victoria Curtiss turned in her second petition, and requested two more.

"I'm a birthday card sender and I stay in touch with old fashioned letters and such, and I think it's just egregious."

So far, Redding's American Postal Workers Union has gathered eight thousand signatures in an effort to halt the cuts.

There are close to 300,000 postal customers in the North State -- DeNayer says if they can get up to 30,000 signatures by December 1st, the senate might just shred the plan altogether.


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