Redding police investigate two shootings on the same street

Feb 12, 2015 8:43 PM

Redding police are investigating a series of shootings in Redding that blew out the windows of two local businesses.
It all happened last night along Eureka Way, and first began at the Puerto Vallarta restaurant right after eight O'clock in the evening.

"Two people were sitting there ... I told him 'hey somebody shoot the window', he's like oh wow! He stood up to figure out what happened."

That's when restaurant manager Hector Rivera ran outside and saw a man standing next to the restaurant.

"I didn't see anything in his hands, I just saw him like making throwing motions with his hands."

Police took that man -- 37-year old Jeffery Brown of San Francisco into custody -- police don't know if he's connected to the shooting, after their search didn't turn up any weapons.
Rivera says he's used to hearing loud noise inside the restaurant, but he was positive what he heard last night was a gun shot.

"This is the first time this has happened here, it's a pretty good neighborhood."

That doesn't appear to be the case just half a mile down the street, where a second reported shooting around eleven blew out the glass window of a 7-11.

"Lots of drugs and gang activity down here."

Brittney lives near the 7-11 and says she heard gun shots last night, but didn't know where they were coming from.

"I opened the window and heard gunshots and I came out with my weapon to make sure that nobody was around me."

Lieutenant Brindley from the Redding Police Department says officers pulled surveillance video from the 7-11 -- they are trying to determine whether there's a connection between the van spotted in the video -- and the shooting that left the window completely shattered.

Brittney says she's most disturbed by the low-staffed police department which is down about a dozen officers than usual.

"This is just a testament as to the fact that you're gonna have to start protecting yourself nowadays."

No one was hurt in either of the shootings, and police say the damage from both incidents could have come from a small caliber gun.
Police are still working to find out if the two shootings were related.

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