Redding photojournalist represents downtown through art project

Apr 9, 2014 7:45 PM

A Redding photo journalist is trying to bring her community together, through art.

"This project is an expression of art."

Hundreds of faces -- one cause.

"The project is 'Inside Out Redding' and I wanted to do this in Redding because this is where I live...and I wanted to reveal the people who make downtown what it is."

Katrina Keyes, a passionate photo journalist, started working on the "Inside Out Redding Project" last summer.

"JR is an artist, and he did a TED talk a couple of years ago, and I found his project and watched it...the way he presented it and how he wanted to...change the world through art, through people, through heart just latched onto his passion for it..."

So, Katrina began her photo adventure in February, and with the permission of building owners, she was able to put them up throughout downtown Redding.

"The ultimate goal is to get people to interact with our downtown community...with one another."

More than 172,000 portraits have been put up in nearly 110 countries, as a way to inspire communities to embrace diversity and change.

"I grew up in Hawaii where it was kind of a melting pot, and Redding is becoming more so that way, I think."

Lynn Miller, whose portrait is displayed on the Cascade Theatre's wall, volunteers much of her time in Shasta County to important causes.

"Other people have asked about why you're on the wall, so you can share your story with's bringing our community together."

That is the essence of Katrina's project.

"...seeing people walking around asking me about the project, and they've said 'oh I know so and so' or 'yeah, that's my friend''s very enthusiastic to hear that people are already seeing one another."

Keyes took the "Inside Out Redding Project" a step further, by posting a mini biography of every person whose portrait is displayed throughout downtown on the project's website:

The portraits will stay up through the summer.


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