Redding Peace Officers Support Proposed Turtle Bay Hotel Deal

May 9, 2014 1:17 PM

The Redding Peace Officers Association today announced its support for the city’s land sale to McConnell Foundation, paving the way for a new four-star hotel at Turtle Bay.

“We’re pleased to support a four star hotel at Turtle Bay,” said Brad LaCroix, President of the Redding Peace Officers’ Association in a release sent to the media. "The $700,000 a year in new tax revenues generated by the hotel can be used to improve essential city services that have faced cutbacks over recent years. In addition, growing the economy and creating 40 construction jobs and 70 permanent jobs will create opportunities for local residents.”

The purchase, however, is being opposed by local trade unions and others in the community. They say the purchase circumvents the city's prevailing wage rules regarding pay for work done for city projects. They also claim the city is selling the land well below market value. City officials dispute that claim. Opponents have already gathered enough signatures paving the way to force a vote on the issue in November.

That initiative will ask voters to approve or disapprove the deal. The Peace Officers Association say citizens should vote yes on the deal because it will generate new jobs and an economic boost to the city overall.

“The entire community benefits from Turtle Bay, whether its school children learning biology or residents taking a walk in the gardens. We’re excited to see a private sector plan to generate $1 million a year in revenue for maintenance and operations of the park,” said Rocky Slaughter, spokesperson for REVIVE Redding. The creation of new facilities for special events and a promenade that can be used for weekly farmers markets will only further enhance Turtle Bay as a community gathering spot.


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