Redding Pain Doctor Accused of Negligence

May 23, 2013 8:21 PM

A Redding pain doctor has come under fire in a series of accusations involving negligence.

The case involves five patients, one of whom died from an overdose of methadone and sedatives.

The State Medical Board has filed 18 accusations against Gregory White, a Redding doctor who specializes in treating pain.

"They include allegations of negligence and gross negligence involving five patients, including the death of one patient," said White's attorney Michael Scheibli.

The state is accusing White of not sufficiently keeping records of scheduled prescribed medication and ignoring patients' histories of drug abuse.

Scheibli says that these accusations are just the latest move for authorities to target pain doctors.

"We need people like Dr. White. Otherwise we are going to have drug addicts on the street with no place to get their medication. They're going to rob and cause crime," said Scheibli.

White, whose offices are on South Street, has been practicing in the community for thirteen years.

His patients have differing views on his treatment methods.

One of his patients, Connie Patterson, says that he is the only doctor in town who can help her.

"He has made me where I can get around and do things. He's helped me out so much. Without him I don't know what I would do," said Patterson.

White's attorney says that this case is part of a bigger problem.

"One of the things he's attempting to do is bring treatment for drug addicts in Shasta County and there's a blowback from the powers that be that don't want to acknowledge that there's a drug problem in this county," said Scheibli.

Action News was able to speak to someone with a different opinion of White.

Johnna Nunnelly said that her ten year relationship fell apart due to White's failure to wean her ex-boyfriend off of methadone.

White could lose his license if these allegations are proven to be true.


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