Redding man trying hard for 'Criminal of the Year Honors'

Oct 28, 2014 6:55 PM by News Staff

A Redding man is in custody, for now, after being arrested for possession of stolen property, his sixth arrest since April.

Police say Christopher John Smith, 36, of Redding is responsible for a laundry list of thefts in Shasta County. Since April he has been jailed on suspicion of: residential burglary, breaking into an orchard supply hardware store, stealing gas from cars parked in a Shasta County garage, prowling, and stealing gas from the U-Haul store on Cypress Avenue in Redding.

In addition to the previously listed allegations, when Smith is not using the Shasta County Jail as a bed and breakfast he has allegedly cost the county money by destroying more than 100 downtown Redding parking meters and taking the change from them. The monetary damages to each meter ranges from several hundred dollars to $1,000.

It should be noted that Smith has been on felony probation for past burglary convictions.

When asked why Smith has not been kept in Jail, Redding Police said they cannot comment on early releases.


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