Redding man builds hot rod from scratch, displays it at Kool April Nites

Apr 25, 2014 1:48 PM

The Redding Civic Auditorium is slowly filling up with old-school rides.
We spoke to one man who's been building classic muscle cars from scratch for decades.

Meet 85 year-old Bill Enderson's latest creation -- a 19-23 Ford Roadster.

"I've always wanted to build a's the only Ford Roadster I ever built."

He started building the car from scratch in 2010.

"The picture was in my head already -- all I had to do was accomplish my vision."

And here she is 4 years later.
This was a labor of love for Bill, who's no stranger to building cars from the ground up.

"I've done 22 throughout my life...a lot of them are corvettes and race cars..."

This car is truly one of a kind -- Bill custom-built each part replicating the old-school look, while adding new technology.

"It would be pretty hard to duplicate it too, unless they looked at the pictures...even I get surprised at some of the things that I did looking back..."

Bill says he often gets asked if the car is drivable because they don't see the suspension.
Little do they know -- it's hidden.

"It was built off of two sets of the heavy truck wish bones...front end and the rear end."

As a car enthusiast who's built many race cars, Bill still has that need for speed.

"I'll test the waters with it, but in a good, safe place...but i'm sure it's probably good for 130...140."

For Bill, building this car required the same passion he has for his wife of 57 years.
He says now, he's ready to reap all the benefits.

"I'm gonna drive this and have some fun with's a fun's a head turner when you get out with it."

Friday is the big day -- thousands of classic cars will line the streets along Hilltop Drive for the official cruise.
Action News Now will have live coverage of the event throughout the day.


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