Redding Library rooftop garden is work in progress

Apr 28, 2014 7:37 PM

Many regulars at the Redding Library have no idea it has a rooftop garden.

"I've been in the area for seven months, and I didn't know there was one up there," Leslie Litta said.

Where you're supposed to find a sea of beautifully landscaped flowers, you only see piles of dirt.

"It's kinda rough right now. They're gonna put bark between all these mounds, and the irrigation has to go in, but it should be a nice little project when it's all done," said Mike Herzog, a gardener for the city of Redding.

The garden has been in the works since the library opened in 2007.

Now, the city is working with the Shasta College Master Gardeners program to finally get it finished.

"Over about a seven year period it fell into disrepair, so a couple years ago we decided to revitalize the whole thing and change things up, changing irrigation, plant materials and so forth," Herzog said.

The good news is, once the garden starts growing, it'll be easy to keep up and drought-friendly.

"They all fall under the name of xeriscaping. They have low fertilizer and water requirements, so in that vein of thinking, it should be pretty low maintenance up here," Herzog said.

City officials hope to have the garden completed before summer, so the new plants won't be stressed by the hot sun.


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