Redding Library introduces technology to improve reading proficiency

Mar 5, 2014 6:39 PM

The Redding Library has launched its "Digital Starting Place” program. Literacy stations and tablets are some of the new technology designed to help young children improve their proficiency in reading.

The new technologies will be located in the children's area, the equipment includes two early literacy stations for children ages 2-8 with more than 60 educational software titles spanning seven curricular areas. They are designed to optimize learning for children through the use of eBooks and literacy software. There are also 12 LeapPad digital tablets with 24 eBook titles that will be used in family-based programs for pre-kindergarten children and their parents. There is also a digital literacy station designed for students ages 6-12 that provides an easy transition to more advanced literacy software and eBook titles.

Diane Gustafson, Youth Services Librarian said "Research highlights the importance of early digital literacy and integrating technology into learning. Children don't even realize that they are learning: they are enthusiastic about technology and studies show that being digital savvy makes a difference in educational outcomes.”


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