Redding Inn shut down drug, compliance violations

May 18, 2016 5:45 PM by News Staff

The Redding Inn has made news headlines for drug busts and compliance violations, and the owners have finally closed it down.

The Inn has been a hot bed for criminal activity, but the DA’s office has confirmed some news that people have been hoping to hear.

"We have been informed that the Redding Inn has closed consistent with what we've seen as well is that tenants and occupants of the motel have been vacated and a fence has been erected at the property," Anand Jesrani, Deputy District Attorney in Shasta County.

Neighbors have been complaining about the Redding Inn for years. I visited a neighboring business and one woman told me she won't even let her son out of the car when he comes to her work because of all the drug users trickling out of the motel.

"I’m afraid that he's going to get poked by a needle,” said Tiffany Bourgette, a neighboring business owner. “I mean they're lying around on the ground everywhere. Underneath the bushes. They’re everywhere here."

The long term fate of the motel is still unknown.

"We’re hoping that it can be repurposed into something good for the community," said Elizabeth Jones, who owns a business in the area. It is unclear what the owners will choose to do with it.

ADA Jesrani said that if they re-open the hotel they will need to comply with the terms in the judgement brought against them last November.

Ultimately the next steps are in the hands of the property owners. But for now, it’s just a vacant motel with a fence around it which some people say isn't enough to keep the criminals out. But Jesrani said they are keep a close eye on it.

"We’re going to continue monitoring it,” Jesrani said. “We've been in close communication with the Redding police department and despite the fact there's a fence put up they’re going to continue to be making sure that there's not unlawful activity going on there."

The Redding police are encouraging people to call the department if they see any suspicious activity or trespassing on the property.


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