Redding home burned: Squatters may be to blame

Jul 18, 2014 8:01 PM

A home in Redding that burned down overnight has some neighbors relieved, and others worried.
Several neighbors have different theories about who may have caused the fire.

"...a lot of commotion...lot of late night screaming and yelling and cussing...underage drinking...the whole cha cha."

Greg Overcamp lives a few doors down from this home on Galaxy Way and Mercury Drive -- he says the last family to rent the home was a nightmare.

"When they finally left, I walked through the house and it was a tragic vandalistic thing...I mean they busted toilets...sinks off the walls...holes in the ceiling...the walls had holes everywhere..."

The landlord of the house didn't want to be interviewed on camera -- but says the family vandalized the home after he served them with an eviction notice in March.

It's been vacant ever since.

Redding fire officials confirm the cause of the fire is suspicious.

Overcamp and other neighbors think the same family may have caused the fire.

Keoni and Syreena live nearby -- they suspect a group of teenagers in the neighborhood who they see squatting inside the home on a regular basis.

"I just see a couple of teenagers...sometimes they just go in through that fence or the windows, and they bring backpacks and they use it as a hangout place I guess...they just go in and stay there for a while."

Neighbors tell me that while it's unfortunate the house was burned, they're hopeful they won't see any more shady people on that corner.

"I like the neighborhood, that's why we got a house here...but for this to happen, it's like unbelievable."

The Redding Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire -- nobody was injured, and the home suffered a 40% loss.


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