Redding famous eagle couple makes new home on golf course

Apr 12, 2016 10:39 AM by News Staff

Redding's famous eagles have moved to greener pastures, but their cameras have not been allowed to follow.

Late last year, observers noticed Spirit and Liberty were not spending much time in their nest near Turtle Bay.

It turns out that the pair moved their nest south, to the grounds of Riverview Golf and Country Club.

But this time, no cameras are being allowed per golf course board members, citing safety issues and privacy concerns.

But Terri Ihuillier, founder of the Friends of the Redding Eagles, claims cameras don't bother the eagles, and much is learned by utilizing them.

“This does not intrude on the eagles at all, they are not aware at all that they are being filmed in any way so it really isn't an intrusion,” Ihullillier said. “I think the benefits outweigh that by so much because of the educational and just conservation of the species you know, more education, more people know about eagles, the more they're going to care about them and the more they're going to try and protect them.”

Randy Jensen, CEO of Riverview Golf and Country Club, told us today that the board took the matter very seriously, but was inclined to remain consistent with past decisions involving animal habitation on the course.

Jensen said members of the group have been allowed access to view the eagles from the ground on Mondays, when the course is closed.


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