Redding couple loses home in fire

Jun 23, 2014 8:06 PM by Angela Musallam

A family in Redding, known to many as humble and giving, lost their home this weekend in a fire.
Their son-in-law is turning the tables around and giving back to them.

"a lot of was was surreal...and now since Saturday it's only been 2 days and it feels like it's been months..."

Ted and Raelene MacDowell remember what happened Saturday afternoon around 2:30.

"I went out on the deck that is no longer there...and tried spraying the flames that were shooting up through the fence and I had the hose in my hand less than a minute and it was so intense my face felt like it was on fire..."

A fire that wasn't going to go down without a fight -- Raelene and her husband immediately called 911.

The flames destroyed almost everything inside the home -- and today -- they're taking a second look at all the damage from the fire.

"these people deserve every piece of help they could possible get because they've lived incredible selfless lives..."

A couple who's changed the lives of so many strangers, now one of their own is stepping up to change theirs.

"they've helped me out a great deal, it's the least I could possibly do."

Ryan set up a fundraiser online to help his in-laws -- and their children.

The MacDowell's fostered more than 600 children over a 40-year span -- and out of those -- they adopted 7.

Their youngest is just 6 years old.

"there's a lot of immediate need here and that's gonna start helping...that's getting to the amount that can really make a difference."

The account hasn't been up for 24 hours, and Ryan tells me he's raised almost 2,000 dollars.

As givers most of their lives, the MacDowell's say it's hard to receive; but they're grateful for all the support they're getting from family and friends.

"it will always be our home we love it here...and this proves the giving of our community and the kindness people are showing us and we love them for it."

The MacDowell family has plans to rebuild their home; in the meantime, they're staying with one of their daughters in Bella Vista.
If you would like to help contribute to the MacDowell family, you can visit the account their son-in-law created at :


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