Redding city council to consider banning outdoor medical marijuana grows

Jan 19, 2015 7:02 PM by Charlene Cheng

Following a ban on outdoor medical marijuana grows in unincorporated Shasta County, city councilman Gary Cadd is asking the city of Redding to do the same.

"The county has moved away from outdoor grows. If the county moves away from outdoor grows, we're going to have more people growing in the city," he said.

Right now in Redding, medical marijuana patients are allowed 100 square feet outdoors to cultivate, but Cadd says that its problematic for neighboring residents.

He adds that during his two years on the council, he's received numerous emails from constituents complaining about the scent.

Rick Arons, who owns a grow shop, fought against Shasta County's ban during the last election.

He says that patients now depend on Redding as the legal place to grow marijuana.

"Not having a safe access to get your medicine, and relying on the street dealers to do so, that's where the problems arise," Arons said.

If the city goes forward with the ban, Arons hopes the council will look into alternatives, and maybe allow dispensaries, like the City of Shasta Lake has.

"I think Shasta Lake's fighting to keep them there, and I'd like to see that support with our city also," he said.


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