Redding Christian School students pack 10,000 meals

Nov 10, 2014 6:32 PM by Charlene Cheng

Students at Redding Christian School traded in their thinking caps for hair nets, and filled the gymnasium with two assembly lines.

"We are packing 10,000 meals to go out to the Redding community," said freshman class president Jaycie Provence.

Supplies for the "Pack-A-Thon" were paid for by a portion of the funds that the school raised from the community this year, a chance for students to put themselves in someone else's shoes.

"I guess its hard to have so many things at your fingertips but not be able to really have it," freshman Jon Zane said.

The school teamed up with Cornerstone Consulting Group, a company that helps organizations with big dollar campaigns by trading in traditional fundraisers and instead, just asking for money.

"Cookie dough, poinsettia, Christmas trees, jog-a-thons, they're what we call nickel and dime fundraising campaigns. They don't raise a lot of money for the school, and quite honestly, no one wants the magazines or cookie dough," said Dustin Funk, a fundraising consultant for Cornerstone.

The culmination in a charity event allows students to give back, something that administrators encourage all year round.

"I am amazed at our kids getting enthusiastic about something that's not going to affect them directly, and hopefully we can be a spark to more going on here in the Redding community," principal Brian Steffen said.

The school has raised about $63,000 of their $75,000 goal.

The money will be used to purchase new technology for the classrooms, and if there's enough funds, new bleachers for the gym and new stadium lights for the football field.


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