Redding businessman submits million-dollar bid for Turtle Bay land weeks before November elections

Oct 22, 2014 8:15 PM

With only a few weeks left before elections in Redding, there's another twist to the proposed Turtle Bay land deal, better known as Measure B.
Local businessman Alan Shufelberger is offering the city one-million dollars cash for the 15-acres that would be transferred over to the McConnell Foundation if the measure passes.

City officials are calling his latest offer a political schemeto disrupt the election process, but Alan Shufelberger says there's no hidden agenda, and wants the city to respond with a counter offer.

"I figured we can make some's strictly just business."

President and owner of Redding Roofing Company, Alan Shufelberger, says he's thought about purchasing part of Turtle Bay's lot for the last four months.
Shufelberger's realtor submitted the million-dollar offer to Redding City Council members Tuesday night, just 14 days ahead of the November elections.

"It was a surprise to was delivered without any context."

So Action News Now asked Shufelberger and his realtor why they decided to put in the offer so close to election time.

"Back then there were deed restrictions and issues...most of those things have now been addressed."

The McConnell foundation made a 600-thousand dollar bid to the city earlier this year to purchase close to 15 acres of land next to Turtle Bay.
That proposed land sale is now known as Measure B, and if it passes, McConnell would get the green light to start construction on the Sheraton Hotel with hopes to increase jobs and tourism around the North State.

When asked about what his plans were if he was awarded the property, Shufelberger replied: "we don't have to do anything with this land..."

At this point, city officials say they don't have plans to consider the offer, with election day being a few weeks away.

"Right now it's up to the voters to decide...the city council would be imprudent to make a decision on their behalf."

Shufelberger has extended the city's response deadline from October 28th to November 7th, so that city council members have enough time to review his offer.


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