Redding boy talks about his brush with a kidnapper

Feb 15, 2016 11:51 AM by David McVicker

An 11-year-old Redding boy lived to tell about an attempted kidnapping that could have ended much worse...

On Feb. 12, Odin Henson was playing with his friends when 44-year-old Reno Riddle allegedly came up to them and tried to abduct Henson from his family home’s front yard.

Henson said he didn’t know how the whole ordeal was going to turn out.

“I was probably going to get hurt,” he said. “He put his hand around my shoulder and one hand in front of me and started dragging me to the bottom of Victor Avenue.”

Like any other night, Henson was outside playing with his friends when the would-be kidnapper came up to them and offered a treat in exchange for some help.

“He said that he would offer me candy bars and he wanted us to fix a bike,” Henson said.

When the neighborhood kids left to go get the tools, that’s when the suspect grabbed Henson and took off with him. Henson’s mother, Tyshawna Eade, said Henson’s friends were the ones who saved him from being taken.

“A Couple of the neighborhood kids came over and told me that somebody was taking my son down the road,” she said. “My kids are outside and then next thing you know he's not. I wanted my boy home and I just wanted to put my hands on this man.

Whether it was the right timing or a stroke of good luck, Henson was saved.

“My daughter and her friend intervened at the bottom of the hill when they saw him,” she said. “They yelled his name and he came running up and the dude pushed him away and the dude went running down victor and I chased him as far as I could but I couldn't catch him.”

While he’s still a little bit still shaken up, today Henson’s around to tell the tale of how he almost got kidnapped. He said he’s much more aware of what to do if, and when, this ever happens again.

“If anyone ever approached me, I wouldn't speak to them,” he said. “I would walk away and probably tell an adult that a stranger is trying to talk to little children.”

According to Henson’s mom, the suspect is a transient who has been spotted in the neighborhood before.

The suspect is being held at Shasta County Jail on kidnapping charges.


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