Redding Aims to Clean Up Homeless Camp

Dec 2, 2013 7:56 PM

For decades, residents have lived in homeless encampments behind Mercy Medical Center, but lately, homeowners along the canyon have filed complaints of excessive noise and trash in the camp.

Timothy Hammer has lived in the camp for a little over a month and a half, and says that while he understand the local community's push to organize a clean-up, the majority of campers do their part to keep things clean.

"I've been trying to get everybody to clean up and do things and it's been working, there's probably five tons less trash up there," said Hammer.

Residents of the camp were asked by the Redding Police Department to bring their trash down to a gate by Linden Ave., where it's collected regularly.

So far, most campers have tried to comply with law enforcement's requests.

"RPD, the plane goes by, and if they were mad at us, we'd be gone because when they go, they see everything," said camper Tammy Wilcox.

While long-term campers hope to continue to co-exist with neighboring homeowners, they say that it's the people that are just passing through who are causing the problems.


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