Red Ribbon Week

Oct 25, 2010 7:45 PM

An eighth grader at Bidwell Jr. High School, Aman Williams says, "If you're drug free then you can have a better life. You can get a better job." Elizabeth Hamada says, "I baby sit some kids and I want to be a good role model for them." Students at Bidwell Junior High are making the pledge to be drug free. Grayson says, "You don't really gain anything out of it, you loose quite a bit though."

It's all apart of "Red Ribbon Week", which is a national school-wide project to keep kids off drugs. Activities Director, Bill Battaglia says, "if you don't catch the kids young, before you know it they're experimenting and its too late."

Red Ribbon Week began in 1986 as a California wide project... inspired by of the kidnapping and murder of Drug Enforcement Administration Agent, Enrique Camarena. In 1988, it was recognized nationally by President Reagan. Today Red Ribbon Week is more than just a 'say no to drugs' event. Bill says, "it's an opportunity for kids to pledge a drug free/alcohol free lifestyle and the activities we plan throughout the week are to have fun, to show these kids theres other things you can do besides doing drugs."

All elementary, middle, and high schools in the Chico Unified School District are participating in this week long event. From drug-free coloring books and crazy hair day at Emma Wilson, to various presentations and drug statistics at Chico High, everyone is getting in the spirit. Project Coordinator at Bidwell Jr. High School, Jessica Garner says, "It really makes it fun and is a really educational way to give them awareness." Bill says, "we want them to know there are other options out there. There's ways to say no. They don't have to get involved with the drug culture, they can do other things. School and life can still be fun."


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