Red Bluff woman works to reunite ashes with family

May 27, 2015 8:47 PM by Charlene Cheng

For the past year, Maureen Cahalan has held on to a handful of photos and a pair of shiny green bottles that hold the remains of a man named David Royer.

"There's nothing more important than family. Pictures, and definitely ashes. I thought it would be important to get them back to the person, if possible," Maureen said.

She has never met the Royer family.

She was given the items by a friend, who was hired to clean out an apartment unit in Red Bluff.

"I mean, if they were mine and I had lost them, I would be forever hoping to get them back. And you know with the internet these days, you can pretty much find about anybody," Maureen said.

So she decided to post on Facebook.

Thanks to a friend of the Royer family, Kirsten, David's daughter, was tracked down in less than an hour.

"It completely threw me off kilter. I was crying throughout my entire shift. It was tears of joy that somebody actually found those things and had the heart to look for their owner," Kirsten told Action News Now over the phone.

She now lives in Minnesota, where she moved after her father passed away in January of 2014.

"I left some of my belongings with somebody who I thought was my friend, and she ended up disposing with all of it," Kirsten said.

She never expected to get her father back, and she only has one thing to say to the woman who made the effort to return him.

"Thank you for finding me. Halfway across the country, you found me," Kirsten said.


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