Red Bluff woman tries to steal malt liquor, fights cop

Dec 30, 2015 1:51 PM by News Staff

A woman is in custody facing charges of resisting arrest after she tried to fight a Red Bluff police officer late Tuesday night.

Rachel McGinnis, 30, was at a Red Bluff Food Maxx where she was spotted trying to shoplift by store employees, according to witnesses. Red Bluff Police Officer Lela Martinez arrived on scene and attempted to detain the suspect when the suspect tried to kick Martinez and grab her duty belt.

Store employees came to Officer Martinez’s aid and help detain the suspect on the ground. Additional officers arrived and arrested the suspect.

Further investigation showed that the suspect was attempting to steal two cans of malt liquor from the Food Maxx. The suspect said she tried to steal the alcohol because the store refused to sell to her because “she was too intoxicated.”

In addition to resisting arrest with force, the suspect is also charged with robbery.


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