Red Bluff Round Up

Apr 18, 2012 8:15 PM

It's Round Up week in Red Bluff. And you can see signs of the rodeo's impact everywhere you look. "I think it generates business for everyone in town. Everyone gets amped up, prepared for it," says Riverside Restaurant Waitress Jacquline Gradney.

Red Bluff Round Up President David Ramelli says, "We'll have 28 to 30-thousand people coming into Red Bluff from all over the United States as well as Canada." Every year the round-up attracts thousands of people to the area. Last year the event generated 4.1 million dollars in revenue. 1.3 of that was in retail, and 1.2 million dollars in food and hotel costs. "People drive here from all over, so they're spending money to get here. It's a tremendous boom for the North State," Ramelli says.

The event also adds roughly 55 part-time employees during Round-Up week, according to the Tehama County Chamber of Commerce. Restaurants like the Riverside Bar and Grill say this weekend is huge for business. Gradney says, "This is one of the busiest weekends we have all year. It boosts sales, 10-20 percent." The restaurant offers specials during rodeo week, everything from karaoke nights to a specialty 'Red Rock' wine in honor of the legendary bull.

Eateries aren't the only ones who benefit from the round-up. Hotels are also booked. The Sportsman Lodge on Antelope Boulevard, just a stone's throw away from the fair grounds, usually books all 19 rooms months in advance. Owner Barry Jesrani says he waits for this weekend all year long. "It helps us. Since our business is a little bit slow.. Events like this, make out revenue go up."

The main events kick off Friday with family night at 7. The 57th annual parade in downtown Red Bluff will be held Saturday morning at 10.


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