Red Bluff Police release latest crime report

Apr 20, 2015 8:03 PM

The number of vehicle thefts has smoked out all other crimes in the City of Red Bluff -- that's according to the latest crime report by the Red Bluff Police Department.

Over the last three years, the number of vehicle thefts has jumped to almost three digits and Red Bluff's acting Police Chief says much of that could be from Assembly Bill 109.

"In 2014, we had 94 stolen vehicle reports in the city limits of Red Bluff...we compare and contrast that with 2011, when we had 25 - we've almost quadrupled in a matter of three or four years."

Car thefts make up the most alarming crime trend in Red Bluff.
Burglary, assault, robbery and rape also increased in 2014, though not as dramatically.
Acting Police Chief Kyle Sanders says prison realignment plays a big role in the uptick.

"That was established in late 2011, and really went into full effect in 2012 so when we are looking at our statistical information, we see significant jumps in most categories from 2011 to current."

The one thing Sanders is happy about is the homicide rate.
Last year Red Bluff only had one homicide compared to four in 2013.
Last November the city passed a public safety tax measure which increased the sales tax in Red Bluff by a quarter-percent - City manager Rick Crabtree says he is hopeful the new tax will knock down the crime rate.

"We anticipate our revenue will bring about an extra 700-thousand dollars annually from the sales tax initiative."

In the meantime, Sanders has a few ideas to jump start the police department's fight against all crime.

"One of the things we are looking at doing is trying to broaden and open up our communication with our citizens even more during this coming year than we have in the past. Secondly, one of the big things we have to do is we have to fill some of our open positions and get our staffing shortages taken care of, or at least mitigated."

The city could see the sales tax in effect as early as July -
Sanders says part of that revenue would go toward expanding the police force.


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