Red Bluff Police investigating string of car break-ins

Dec 30, 2015 1:10 PM by News Staff

Red Bluff is experiencing a surge in car break-ins since November, with more than 130 burglaries and thefts in the last two months.

It is estimated that more than 10 cars are being broken a week, according to Red Bluff Police.

Red Bluff Police Sergeant Kevin Busekist warns that residents should take extra precautions with their vehicles at all times.

“Criminals don't like to make a lot of noise,” he said. “So if they have to break a window in the middle of the night it's going to get people’s attention to them and they don't want that they want to sneak in and sneak out with whatever property they can gather in a short period of time.”

Busekist said they do not have any suspects for the break-ins and are not sure if they are related.

Busekist also advised residents to always lock their car doors and to move valuable items out of sight and place them in to the center console or glove compartment.


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