Red Bluff Police Chief Urges Caution on Bealer Case

Oct 29, 2013 7:36 PM

Red Bluff's Chief of Police is disappointed in recent media reports that portrays a likelihood of innocence for Quentin Bealer, the man accused of killing Marysa Nichols in a field near Red Bluff High School in February.

“The entire community is drawing conclusions on what amounts to be a very small piece of the puzzle, and you can't see the full picture until more pieces are put together,” Chief Paul Nanfito said.

Nanfito said the public is drawing conclusions from media reports.

These reports identify one specific DNA report filed from the Department of Justice and submitted by Bealer's defense attorney to postpone his preliminary hearing.

Nanfito said these reports are premature, not representative of the entire case, and point towards the innocence of accused murderer Quentin Bealer.

“There’s a lot of people drawing conclusions based on media reports…it doesn't accurately reflect all the information available in the case,” Nanfito said.

Nanfito said a lot of that information just hasn't come forward yet, but will. He said additional reports and facts, from different agencies, will emerge in Bealer's preliminary hearing, set for January.

That's why the Chief wants everybody to take a breath, wait for the judicial process to play out, and not draw any conclusions.

“I am 100% confident that the Red Bluff Police Department arrested the right person for this crime. That fact should become clearer once there is a preliminary hearing,” Nanfito said.

Quentin Bealer's defense attorney Shon Northam said he filed his most recent motion for continuance because there's a lot more that needs to come forward, including additional DNA testing.

Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen had this to say:

"One sample of evidence doesn't necessarily represent the entire case."

Cohen plans on holding a press conference at his office tomorrow at 2pm.


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