Red Bluff group feeds homeless every weekend

May 24, 2015 10:07 PM by Charlene Cheng

Every weekend, Devon Oylear heads to the Red Bluff River Park for a picnic with his friends.

Randy Dueck, and his team of volunteers, offer up a free hot breakfast and clothing, all donated from the community.

Some days, hundreds of people show up.

Dueck's goal is to help them overcome homelessness and become productive members of society.

"We are having more and more every day that gaining employment and housing and becoming drug free. We're bringing hope to them. When people have hope they can move forward, when they don't, they do stupid things," he said.

Dueck's passion stems from his own experiences living on the streets.

"It's hard looking back to even remember how hard they were, until I see the people here. And the hard times they're going through, and that helps me appreciate where I was at, because I've been just as low as the lowest person here," he said.

Volunteer Beth Moell has also overcome hardship.

A former drug addict, she now gets her high from helping others.

"There's nothing better than feeding people who are hungry. There's nothing better. Some of them won't get to eat again, but it feels good to feed them, and that's what we're doing here," Moell said.

Handing out free food doesn't come without its critics, but Dueck's group says that they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"We've been trying to help people understand that they're here anyway and they're sleeping around you. We need to gather them up and help them get out of their situation," said Dueck's wife, Felicia.

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