Red Bluff Considers Upgrades to Water System

Jun 5, 2013 7:44 PM

The City of Red Bluff is considering making changes to its water system after failing several tests in recent months.
Required weekly tests of the water system recently turned up traces of coliform bacteria.
City leaders say the numbers weren't high enough to make the water unsafe to drink, but are a sign that the aging system may need some attention.
Crews immediately disinfected the contaminated wells, but say to prevent future problems the city may have to install chlorination systems on the eleven wells around the city to provide constant cleaning.
"Nobody wants to add chlorine to the water. I think it is more of a necessity from a public health point of view that we want to make sure people have safe water," Public Works Director Bruce Henz said.
The public works director is working to gather information on the cost of the chlorination system.
Reports estimate installation will cost around $25,000 and maintenance at $70,000 a year.
The city council would have to approve that system before things move forward.


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