Red Bluff business forced to close after flood

Dec 5, 2014 11:09 AM

"2 Bud's BBQ" in Red Bluff was one of about a dozen businesses flooded Wednesday night. Steve Joiner, walked in to see the restaurant he has owned for more than 11 years looking a little different today.

"We have lifted everything up and now we have got to get it all out." says Joiner.

Up to four inches of water came into "2 Bud's BBQ". Floors are still wet, sand bags are blocking the doors, and decorations are not exactly where they are supposed to be.

"Everything is saturated the water is a class three, it is a dirty water, so now we can not operate."

Joiner says he could be out of business at this location for 30 to 90 days.

"I start worrying about the kids that I got working for me and their Christmas, because if we are not making any money we are not going to pay them their wages."

Bob Battezzato from Cleanrite-Buildrite is working with Joiner and other renters in the area flooded to help guide them through the process of recovery.

"Now what we are trying to do with the owner is assess the current damage of the physical property and how quick that can be fixed or brought back to normal so these businesses can get back to work and serve the community in Red Bluff." says Battezzato.

Its too early to tell how much the damage will cost, but he is losing money every hour he is not open for business. Joiner says all he can do is clean up and wait.


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