Red Bluff Boy Dies From Bacterial Meningitis

Jan 11, 2010 7:53 PM

Students and staff at Bidwell Elementary School are mourning the loss of a student who recently died from Bacterial Meningitis. The ten year old victim was absent from school Friday and died later that night. It is still unclar exactly how he contracted the infection, or if other factors were involved in his death.

Symptoms include fever, headache and stiff neck. The infection is not common but it can often end in death. You can contract Bacterial Meningitis by coming in close contact with someone with the disease or by sharing drinks or lip balms.

Students and staff who had close contact with the victim have already been treated with antibiotics and there's been additional cleaning at the school. A letter has been sent home to inform parents and students of the recent tragedy.

The school is in shock from the loss.

Red Bluff District Superintendent William McCoy says "there's grief, there's sorrow and there's a little bit of not knowing how to act but there are counselors to help out with that."

Parents are concerned. "Worried for my daughter," Katy Chapla says, "not so much about the disease itself but the emotional part of it and how it will affect the school now that this has happened."

Amid all the concern, the Superintendent assures the public they are doing everything they can. "Send out your thoughts to the family about this loss that happened, but then know we are doing everything we can to keep your child safe, they will be ok."

Vaccination clinics will be held in the next few days at both Bidwell and Vista Schools.


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